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 AUTO ELECTRIC MULTIPLEXING:     Itís here!  Multiplexing, the next major advancement in automotive electrical circuits and controls has been appearing in some vehicles over the last few production years and will soon be found on most vehicles. 
     What is it?  Multiplexing is a system where several signals may be sent through a single wire essentially at the same time.  The advantages of this are substantial.  Consider the weight reduction in wiring harnesses alone.
     What does it mean to Technicians?   There is an interesting challenge here for Technicians in understanding how a multiplexer (MUX) can stuff all these signals into one end of a single circuit and extract them from the other end, sending them to the right components (DEMUX).  Added to this is the ability to diagnose and troubleshoot these systems when they do not do what they are supposed to.
     Energy Transfer Technology offers a two-day program on multiplexing which includes the following:

-         a brief but thorough review of electrical circuits

-         a review of transistors, diodes and logic gates

-         operation and function of multiplexers

-         operation and function of demultiplexers

-         diagnosing by codes, flowcharts and wiring diagrams

-         hands-on practical application on vehicles 

     The first portion of the program is spent in classroom covering electrical and electronic systems and multiplexing principles of operation.  This is done through the use of power point presentation, wiring diagrams and components.
     This is followed by the practical portion at the vehicles.  This includes component locating, use of scan tools and diagnostic equipment, data stream interpretation and diagnostics. 
     The focus of this program is to provide the Technicians with the basic skills in working with multiplexing in general and specifically with the vehicles used in delivery of the program.    


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