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    Your success in today's highly competitive world depends on continuing education that is suitable for your workforce. A good training and skills upgrading program is paramount in order for technology to be used to your advantage. The on site training and skilled trades programs conducted by Energy Transfer Technology will increase in the form of safety, productivity, customer satisfaction, up-time, and worker competence. Industry and fleets need continual training and skills upgrading to keep our tradesmen on the cutting edge of their trades. Safety is always at the forefront and stressed in every aspect of our programs. Every program is customized to your equipment and the individual needs of your people.

    ETT offers a full range of hands-on electrical, mechanical, and automotive training programs including truck and fleet maintenance.

    Our industrial trades programs are facilitated by highly qualified consultants who can relate well to the participants because they have years of experience in their various fields of expertise. Manuals, hand-outs, and simulators where needed, are used to convey concepts and reinforce each program.

    Our electrical program offers Instrumentation, Control Systems, Power Generation, National Electrical Code, NFPA, Safe Work Practices, OSHA Regulations, High Voltage Power Systems Modules, Limited Energy Licensing Program, Basic Electricity for Other Trades, Hydraulics for Breaker Units, Industrial Networking, Industrial Control Logic and Power Training, Risk Assessment/Management for Electrical Safety.

    Our mechanical programs include Predictive Maintenance, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Welding, Metallurgy, Rigging, Fall Protection, Overhead Electric Crane Operator Training, Alignment, Conveyors, Lubrication, Pumps, Compressors, Process Control Commercial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Natural Gas, Vibration Analysis, Saw Filing, Governors for Hydro Turbines, Hydro-Powerhouse Operation & Maintenance, and High Pressure Air Systems.

    Our automotive, truck, and fleet programs offers Air Brakes, Hydraulic Brakes, Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS), Diesel Engines, Hybrid Vehicles, Automotive Electronics, Battery Charging Systems, Diagnostic Equipment, Diagnostic Techniques, Allison Transmissions, No-Code Drivability Diagnostics, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), 4 Gas Analysis, Automotive Natural Gas/Propane, Mobile Air Conditioning, Mobile Equipment Hydraulics, Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic, Fluid Power Society Certification & Review, FORD and GMC Specific Programs, Steering, Suspension, Alignment, Power Trains, Hydro-static Drives, Heavy Equipment Operator Training, Rigging, Shop Safety Procedures for Technicians, and More...Just Ask.

    Whether you are involved with fleets, industry, maintenance, construction, agriculture, logging, public works, service industry, process industry, etc. We have consultants in every region of the USA and Canada to help you choose the program that is right for you. For consulting and/or training in almost any field, contact Energy Transfer Technology today.

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